The Power of the Huddle Room

Huddle, huddle, and more huddle. But hype, sales pitches, and gimmicks aside – why should you care about these small meeting spaces?  This white paper provides answers the most common questions we’re asked about huddle rooms.

The topics/ questions covered in this study include:

  • What is a huddle room?
  • How many huddle rooms exist in the world today?
  • What’s the proper size, look, and feel for a huddle space?
  • How many huddle rooms does my organization need?
  • What facilities work is needed in huddle rooms?
  • What AV capabilities should a huddle space provide?
  • Should huddle room AV systems be monitored and managed?
  • What’s the right way to choose AV tech for a huddle room?
  • What role do cloud services play in the huddle discussion?
  • And more …

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