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Cisco Webex Meetings

Hands-on testing of the ability to send real-time feedback ("gestures") during Cisco Webex meetings.

Review Date: February 2021
Software Version: Webex Meetings version 41.1 (or newer)
List Price: N/A (included with Webex Meetings)
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In mid-January 2021, Cisco released a new Webex Meetings feature called “Gestures” (see the company’s blog entry) that allows users to send feedback to other meeting participants using hand gestures (e.g. thumbs-up, thumbs-down, and hand-clap).

Sure – the concept makes perfect sense.  But do physical gestures work as well in the virtual world as they do during in-person sessions?  To answer this question, the Recon Research team put gestures to the test.  This note contains our thoughts, opinions, and some things you need to know about this new capability.

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