Cisco Rolls Native Support for Microsoft Teams on Cisco Devices (Quick Take)

Most video-enabled meeting rooms support only one video conferencing app or platform. Some rooms use Webex, while others use Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, or Google Meet. These rooms can’t join meetings on incompatible collaboration platforms. That’s where video conferencing interoperability (a.k.a. video interop) comes in.

Video interop allows systems on one platform to participate in calls on another platform. However, even the best video interop experience is not as good as a native experience using the calling vendor’s app. [ See our eBook on Video Interop ]

Cisco (the sponsor of this Quick Take) will soon be the first video conferencing vendor to support switching between different video conferencing apps on-the-fly without admin support and/or a system reboot.

This new capability, which Recon Research has dubbed “app switching,” will allow Cisco to provide Microsoft Teams customers with full-featured native experiences during both Teams and Webex meetings – from the same room and video device.

This brief note provides information and insight into the benefits of Cisco’s soon-to-be-released app switching capability.

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