Key benefits include …

  • Access to decades of event support experience
  • An objective, third-party voice for your session
  • Custom content focused on your message
  • Support for in-person and virtual events

Our analysts act as keynote speakers, moderators,
and panelists at dozens of events each year!

FAQs & Other Information

Over the years, we’ve supported many kinds of events ranging from industry tradeshows to lead generation webinars to sales kickoffs to customer advisory councils.

Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll figure it out together!

Our analysts act as keynote speakers, moderators, and panelists at dozens of events each year.

Our team will bring an objective, third-party perspective to your online or in-person event.

Let’s face it … when the focus is on your offerings, the audience wants to hear from you and your team.

When the focus is on market trends, strategic planning, and decision-making, the audience expects to hear from an unbiased market expert.  That’s where we come in!

A typical webinar project includes the following:

  • Participation in a kickoff discussion to define the session theme and messaging
  • Creation of a draft and final version of the presentation content
  • Participation in one technology dry-run on the Client-coordinated event platform
  • Delivery of the presentation during the event
  • Participation in a question and answer (Q&A) session
  • An unlimited license to use the session content for marketing / promotional purposes

We recommend that you start your planning efforts at least four weeks before the event to allow all presenters to adequately prepare.

That’s up to you.  Our analysts can present on a wide range of business and technology topics and themes.  There are just two limitations:

  • The topic must be educational – not promotional.  We are market analysts and advisors, not salespeople.
  • Our team needs to agree with and believe in the topic.

Certainly! For public events, we will happily …

  • Post information about the event on our website
  • Promote the event via our social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). *

However, you need to promote the event too.  Remember – this is YOUR event!

* Our social audience includes more than 20,000 LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook contacts!


Many of our clients make the session recordings available for on-demand viewing on their websites.

In addition, some clients create spin-downs and summary reels of the recordings for use in demand generation and educational programs.

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