Benefit #1 – Subscription Content Access

Here are a few examples of analyst content available exclusively to subscribers.

From Wall Street - Logitech
HP to Acquire Poly
Cisco Webex Desk

Visit the Content Page for our complete gallery.

Benefit #2 – Battle Program Results Access

Need to select the best UC or AV products or services or compare your solutions to competing offerings?  Look no further.
Premium subscribers also gain access to the Results of The Battle Program !!!

(screenshot below shows the three top-ranked USB speakerphones in the “Cost Less than $150” category)

Visit the About the Battle Program page for more information.

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FAQs & Other Information

Simplicity itself.

For one annual fee, all of your company’s employees will enjoy unlimited access to our subscription content and the Battle Program Results.

It’s just that simple.

For business folks – we offer research notes, videos, survey results, market data, “From Wall Street” financial reports, and more.  Recent content items focused on Microsoft, Google, and Cisco’s recent actions in the UC&C space.

For product/service folks – we offer “From the Lab” hands-on testing reports, solution comparison matrices, and more.

For everyone – we offer access to the results of “The Battle Program,” a Recon Research exclusive (and patent-pending) program that uses crowd-sourced performance data to fairly and objectively rank the performance of UC, AV, and conferencing products and services (see the Battle Results).

First, check the access icon on the content item (see the image below).  A checkmark means the content item is available to the public.  An open padlock is for subscription content items that are available to you.  A closed padlock is for subscription content items that are not available to you at this time.

If you can’t access content that should be available to you:

  • Make sure you’re signed in to our site (does the top right button on the page show your first name?).  If not, Sign In / Sign Up.
  • If you’re signed in, check your subscription status on the My Profile page.

And you can always contact us at

Premium Subscribers enjoy access to the Battle Program Results for all of the active Competitions within our system.

Those seeking access to the Test Lab should contact

All of our subscription content and information is available on our website.

To access the subscription information, your users simply need to create a free user account.  Our system will automatically detect that they are a part of your company, and they will immediately gain access to the subscription content and Battle Results.

Sorry, but sharing our subscription content and Battle Results information with others outside your company is not permitted.  This information is available to Recon Research Premium Subscribers only.

In this case, “others” includes subsidiaries, affiliates, investors, advisors, strategic partners, business partners, go-to-market partners, contractors, consultants, PR or marketing firms, customers, prospects, etc.

Fortunately, our Premium Subscription is cost-effective enough to fit within every company’s budget!

Yes!  Technically speaking, the Premium Subscription is a bundle of these two “partial” subscriptions:

  • Content Subscription – provides access to our subscription content, but NOT the Battle Results.
  • Battle Results Subscription – provides access to the Results of the Battle Program, but NOT our subscription content.

If you wish, you can purchase one of these partial subscriptions.  However, the Premium Subscription is only slightly more expensive than each partial subscription. That’s why almost all of our clients choose to “Go Premium!”

We offer company-wide annual subscriptions only.

Our subscriptions are priced so low that it just doesn’t make sense to offer per-user or short-term access.

Sorry, but we do not offer individual content items for sale at this time.

Our subscriptions are so cost-effective that it just doesn’t make sense to sell individual content items.

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