Key benefits include …

  • Brand awareness & market credibility
  • Demonstration of thought leadership
  • Third-party validation of your offering
  • Hosting and promotion of the deliverables
  • Unlimited distribution license to the study

Examples of Public Product / Service Evaluations

See additional examples of Product / Service Evaluations.

FAQs & Other Information

Most of our public evaluations are conducted from either an actual end-user’s perspective or an IT manager’s perspective, and the focus is on the overall user experience and key benefits.  We will, of course, cover the key technical details as well.

Here are a few reasons to have Recon evaluate your product or service:

  • We actually install, configure, use, and assess the performance of the solutions we evaluate.
  • We have decades of experience analyzing and testing AV and UC solutions.
  • We have hundreds of solutions in our lab (40+ headsets, 25+ speakerphones, 60+ room systems, 15+ cloud services, etc.)
  • After hundreds of evaluations, we’ve earned the trust of the marketplace.
  • We help organizations choose their AV and UC solutions, so we know what customers (users) expect.
  • Everything we write is honest and dependable.  We stand behind our every word.

This last bullet point is critical.  Believe it or not, some companies release evaluations, reviews, and assessments of solutions they’ve never even touched.  Here are a few recent examples:

  • We saw a press release boasting about a positive product review from another analyst firm.  However, we know for a fact this firm never tested the subject solution!
  • We read a “Product A vs. Product B Review” in which the author decreed that both solutions are real winners.  Notably, this author admitted to us that she doesn’t actually touch the solutions she “reviews.”

So much for ethics.

The Good News – since these firms didn’t do any real testing, these firms can charge less for their reports.

The Bad News – your customers, prospects, and potential partners know when they’re being misled.

When you work with Recon Research, you get the real deal.  No tricks.  Just hard work and an objective, hands-on review of your offering.

So don’t sell yourself short and risk your reputation to possibly save a few dollars.  You get what you pay for.

The typical public evaluation project includes the following deliverables:

  • Evaluation Results Report – a publicly available study, roughly 8 to 10 pages in length and in PDF format, highlighting the results of the evaluation. Each public evaluation includes a formal Evaluation Results report.

  • Video Add-On (Optional) – a short (~ 3 to 6 minute long) video clip summarizing the results of the evaluation. The video clip will include video of one or more analysts, as well as supporting graphics (B-roll).

Many of our public evaluations also include an Internal Evaluation (to help the vendor improve its product or service).

The standard public evaluation project includes the following promotional benefits:

  • Posting of the Evaluation Results Report and/or Video Clip on our website

  • Tagging the content as featured items on our website for at least two weeks

  • Promoting the content multiple times through our social channels *

* Our social audience includes more than 20,000 LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook contacts!


Each project includes full, unlimited, and perpetual distribution rights to the final versions of the project deliverables.

We encourage our Clients to help promote these educational studies!

Yes!  Translating content we’ve created for you into different languages is a great way to expand reach and readership.

Here are our content translation guidelines:

  • The translated document(s) must include all of the text and information from the original document.
  • The translated document(s) must retain the same look, feel, branding, and date as the original document.
  • The following copy should be added on the cover or at the beginning of the translated document(s) – in both English and the new language:

“This document has been translated from English into LANGUAGE by PERSON / COMPANY. Although this translation was conducted with Recon Research’s approval, Recon Research has not verified and is not responsible for the accuracy of the translation.”

Questions? Please contact

Typically, a public evaluation takes 4 to 6 weeks from the start of our testing to the release of the Evaluation Results Report or Video.

In some cases, we can expedite the project. Let us know what you need and we’ll do what we can.

If something fails during the testing, we’ll work with you and your team to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. No stress.

The goal here is to highlight the benefits of your offering.  If your solution doesn’t perform well during the testing, we will work together to determine the best way to proceed.

Sometimes a software update is all that’s needed.  In other cases, the best approach is to delay the project for a few weeks or months to give you time to resolve any significant open issues.  Alternatively, it might make sense to convert the project into an Internal Evaluation to help your R&D team address the current challenges.

But don’t worry.  No matter what, you decide whether the evaluation results report goes public.

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