Poly Launches Google Meet on Studio X Android Video Bars (Quick Take)

Googlers seeking a cost-effective, easy-to-install video solution for their Google Meet meeting rooms now have a new weapon in the arsenal — the Poly Studio X-Series video bars.

There are two types of information workers: Googlers and non-Googlers.  In the business world, Googlers conduct virtual meetings using the company’s cloud-based visual collaboration platform, Google Meet.

Google Meet is a robust video conferencing platform offering many coveted features, including audio / video calls with up to 250 participants, support for browser, mobile, and meeting room participants, integrated screen sharing and shared whiteboarding, and more.

In the past, those wanting to join Google Meet sessions from a meeting room had several options, including BYOD, external ChromeOS compute options, touch display offerings, and video interop services. However, an Android video bar running the Google Meet app was not one of the options for Google customers – until now.

In March 2023, Poly (the sponsor of this Quick Take) made good on its promise to support Google Meet on Poly Studio X30, X50, and X70 video bars and Poly TC8 and TC10 touch controllers.  This brief note provides information and insight about this new, Poly-powered option for bringing Google Meet into meeting rooms.

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