4K Video Conferencing – Does it Really Matter?

How does 4K video resolution help … and should you care?

Image quality in the video conferencing world (and later in the UC&C world) took a big leap in 2006 when industry newcomer and disrupter Lifesize shipped the first high definition (720p) video systems.  The new resolution quadrupled the number of pixels onscreen and provided a very noticeable improvement over prior CIF, 2CIF, and 4CIF experiences.

Today, it is nearly impossible to purchase a display that doesn’t sport 4K specifications, and for the past few years 8K displays and projectors have made bold appearances at industry trade shows and events.

Unlike those thinking about home theaters, man- / woman-caves, and similar uses, information workers and IT professionals need to consider the needs of real-time communications applications, and the systems that are likely to be deployed in meeting rooms and offices.

The cost and benefits of 4K video will require careful consideration.