Evaluation – Logitech MeetUp

Hands-on testing of an all-in-one USB mic, speaker, and camera solution for small to medium spaces.

Founded in 1981, Logitech International S.A. (Logitech) is a leading PC peripheral manufacturer offering webcams, keyboards, standard and “gaming” computer mice, PC speakers, mobile speakers, tablet accessories, home control devices / remotes, and more.

In June 2017, Logitech announced the MeetUp ConferenceCam – an all-in-one USB audio / video solution (a.k.a. group add-on solution) including an integrated microphone, speaker, and camera designed for use in small to medium spaces.

In July 2017, Logitech commissioned members of our team to perform a third-party assessment of MeetUp ConferenceCam.  This document contains the results of our hands-on testing.