Evaluation – Logitech SmartDock with Flex

Hands-on testing of a secure meeting room console designed for the Skype Room System (SRS).

Founded in 1981, Logitech International S.A. (Logitech) is a leading PC peripheral manufacturer offering webcams, keyboards, standard and “gaming” computer mice, PC speakers, mobile speakers, tablet accessories, home control devices / remotes, and more.

In September 2016, Logitech announced Logitech SmartDock – a table-top docking station and AV interface designed specifically for use with the Skype Room System solution from Microsoft.  And in February 2018, Logitech announced Logitech SmartDock Flex, a SmartDock expansion kit that improved cable management and added additional capabilities.

In June 2018, Logitech commissioned the Recon Research (RR) team to perform a third-party assessment of Logitech SmartDock with Flex. This document contains the results of our hand-on testing.