Should You Own Your Video Infrastructure?

To buy or “borrow” – that is the question …

Increased Demand for Video Conferencing

Technology and market development advances have lead to dramatic shifts in the video conferencing industry.

  • The price and performance of video gear have ridden the silicon curve to make solutions widely affordable
  • Software executing on industry standard PC technology-based platforms can deliver the high quality that was only dreamed of a few years ago
  • Video itself has become a familiar mode to consumers, millenials, baby boomers, and information workers in general

The result is that many enterprises are finding that demand for visual communications capabilities is exploding within the enterprise.

For IT folks looking (or needing) to support hundreds of meeting room spaces and perhaps thousands of individual workers, it quickly becomes apparent that such scale requires a new corporate strategy around video infrastructure: the bridges (MCUs), gateways, and NAT / firewall devices that enable ubiquitous connections.