Video News Brief – Crestron and Logitech Partnership

Recon Research catches up with Crestron and Logitech about their new “meet in the market” partnership.

In this brief video, Recon Research’s Ira Weinstein chat with Nic Milani (Crestron) and Simon Dudley (Logitech) about the just announced “meet in the market” partnership between these two industry heavyweights.

The topics covered during this brief (9 minute) video include:

  • What customer need does this partnership address?
  • Given Logitech’s massive installed base, what does Logitech gain from this partnership?
  • Exactly what new bundles and offerings will come out of this partnership?
  • The integration between the two management platforms – Logitech Sync and Crestron XiO
  • And more …

[ Coverage of Logitech and Crestron on the RR Website ]   [ Nic Milani on LinkedIn ]   [Simon Dudley on LinkedIn ]