Video Interview – StarLeaf CTO Will MacDonald

Recon Research catches up with industry heavy-weight and serial entrepreneur Will MacDonald for a quick update …

Will’s tenure in the collaboration industry reaches back to the late 80’s when he was writing code as a budding engineer at Madge Networks. A few years later, while working as a product manager at Cisco, Will became interested in video conferencing.  In early 2003, Will left Cisco and co-founded video bridge / MCU vendor Codian.  Just 4 years later, Codian was sold to Tandberg (now a part of Cisco) for US $270M – a sum that might seem small by today’s standards, but turned many heads in the video industry at that time.  After a brief stint of kite surfing and hanging out, in 2010, Will (and the same folks who founded and sold Codian) founded StarLeaf.

StarLeaf’s debut offering was a video-centric PBX and a line of group video systems.  Over time, the company has re-invented itself as a provider of cloud-based messaging and video conferencing services and products.

This five-minute video, available FREE to any registered user on our site, provides insight into what makes StarLeaf different from other video players, and a glimpse into what’s coming next for this UK-based VCaaS provider.

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