Video Interview with Michael Helmbrecht (COO of Lifesize)

Recon Research chats with Michael Helbrecht, COO at Lifesize, about the company’s “Rooms as a Service” (RaaS) Offering

Lifesize is a provider of video conferencing systems and cloud video conferencing services.

For Lifesize, breaking the rules is par for the course.  When the industry was still focused on standard-definition video, Lifesize released HD video resolution.  And now that the industry is focused on HD video, Lifesize has released 4K video support.

During this ~ 11 minute video chat (available FREE to registered users), RR’s Andrew W. Davis and Lifesize’s Michael Helmbrecht discuss the nuances of the company’s “as a service” offering which includes both the video conferencing hardware and video calling service.