From Wall Street – Vonage – CY2018-Q1

Current Highlights

The highlights for FY2018-Q1 (CY2018-Q1) are as follows:

  • Total revenues of $254 million, a growth of +4% from a year earlier.
  • Business revenues were $137 million (up 22%), representing 54% of the company total sales. $28.7 million or 21% of the total business revenues were from countries other than the US, UK, and Canada (up from $17.2M a year earlier).
  • Consumer revenues were $117 million, a growth of -11% (negative) from a year earlier. $107.3 million or 92% of the total consumer revenues were from the US.
  • UCaaS revenues were $95 million of which $74 were services (+16% growth).
  • Nexmo revenues were $42 million (+42% growth).
  • The company launched a new channel program aimed at mid-market and enterprise customers.