Meeting Room Management for the Next-Gen Enterprise

Monitoring, controlling, and automating a large-scale collaboration environment

When it comes to the pro-active management of their global AV meeting room estate, most enterprises are flying blind.  Or even worse – they’re flying blind with both hands tied behind their back.

But wait – this is the world of cloud services and IOT.  The roster of IP-ready AV devices keeps growing.  And for just a few hundred dollars, I can remotely monitor and manage my home.  I can activate my house alarm, set the temperature in my living room, water my yard, and even heat up my pool – all via the Internet.  How can the AV world be so far behind?

This white paper, sponsored by Barco, provides information and insight into:

  • Why AV meeting room monitoring and management is so challenging
  • The “old school” ways of addressing the AV monitoring and management problem
  • An IT-friendly approach to monitoring and managing a global AV estate