Evaluation – Poly Studio X30 for Zoom Rooms (Video)

Founded in 2019, Poly (www.poly.com)  is a global communications company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California that offers a portfolio of audio and video communication products and associated services for small, medium, and large organizations. Poly is the result of a rebranding of Plantronics (founded in 1961) following its acquisition of Polycom (founded in 1991) in 2018.

In Q4 2019, Poly announced the Poly Studio X30 – an all-in-one video bar with an integrated speaker, 4-element microphone array, and 4K camera designed for small meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and both company and home offices.

This video contains highlights of our hands-on testing of an all-in-one video bar for small meeting rooms, company offices, and home offices, with native support for leading cloud services.

For additional information and detailed test results, please review our Evaluation Results Report.