Nureva Microphone Mist – A Next-Gen Approach to Meeting Room Audio (Quick Take)

Organizations seeking flexible microphone coverage for medium and large rooms should check out the Nureva HDL integrated microphone / speaker bars.

Capturing speech audio from multiple people in a meeting room is no easy task.  Capturing high-quality audio in medium and large spaces is an even greater challenge.

There are two “traditional” approaches to improving meeting room microphone audio:

  • Adding more microphones to the room, which adds cost, complexity, and clutter to the space.
  • Installing a beamforming device, which works well in suitable spaces as long as the participants remain within the beams.  Also, beamforming devices can be complex to configure – especially when multiple devices are used together to cover larger spaces.

Nureva (the sponsor of this Quick Take) has developed a technology called Microphone Mist that provides similar benefits to beamforming, covers medium and large spaces easily, and lets meeting room participants move freely around the room.

This Quick Take provides information and insight about this innovative audio technology.

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