Evaluation – Yamaha CS700-AV (Video)

Hands-on testing of an all-in-one USB mic, speaker, and camera solutions for small to medium spaces

Yamaha Corporation has over 130 years of expertise in musical instruments, professional and consumer audio systems, and electronic capture, processing and reconstruction of audio signals.

In 2006, Yamaha released its first USB telephone for business communications. Since then, the company has expanded its product reach into the enterprise market.

In 2014, Yamaha acquired Revolabs, and as a result added wireless professional microphone systems and conference phones for telephony and unified communications to its product line.  In March 2017, Yamaha officially announced the Yamaha CS-700 – an all-in-one USB audio / video solution (a.k.a. group add‑on solution) including an integrated microphone, speaker, and camera designed for use in small to medium spaces.

In December 2017, Yamaha commissioned our test team to perform a third-party assessment of the Yamaha CS-700.

This video contains highlights of the results of our hands-on testing.

For additional information, please review our Evaluation Results Report.