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Lower Thirds Feature

Hands-on testing of a feature that displays a title block overlay during BlueJeans meetings.

Review Date: November 2020
Software Version: BlueJeans Meetings Desktop App – Version 2.25 or Higher
List Price: N/A (included with BlueJeans Meetings)
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In mid-November 2020, BlueJeans (BJN) released a new BlueJeans Meetings feature called “Lower Thirds” (see the company’s blog entry).

The concept is quite simple – make it quick and easy for users to add a custom name and title overlay box to their video window.  While not quite a CNN-level experience, the idea of adding a user-definable production element to a video call has merit.

The Recon Research (RR) test team spent a few minutes testing the Lower Thirds feature.  This note contains our thoughts, opinions, and some things you need to know before enabling this new capability.

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