Google – The Massive Train that Should

Google is a globally recognized household name, and billions of people use its products and services every day.  The vendor’s brand equity and recognition are the envy of many companies.

Google offers both consumer and business products and services.

  • Key consumer-facing offerings include Android, Android Auto, the Google Chrome browser, Chromebooks, Gmail, Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Earth, Google Nest and other Home devices, Google Photos, Maps, Pixel phones and earbuds, Waze, YouTube, and YouTube TV.
  • Key business-facing offerings include G-Suite (now Google Workspace) apps such as Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Chat, and Meet, as well as Google Drive.

The above is but a sample of Google’s extensive portfolio.

For consumers, Google offers something for everyone.  And for businesses, Google offers something (or even many somethings) for almost every communication and collaboration workload.

This research note provides information, insight, and opinions on Google’s efforts and behavior in the UC&C space, including the company’s offerings, its recent attempts at workflow consolidation, its response to the global pandemic, the reality behind Google Workspace, and more.