5 Steps to Solving Enterprise Meeting Room Scheduling Issues

Yes, you’re right.  We’ve been talking about this same issue for 10 – 20 years, yet the problem remains.


At Recon Research, much of our time goes toward supporting large enterprise clients.  Pharmaceuticals.  Investment banks.  Government agencies.  Manufacturing companies.  Software development shops.  Non-profits.  Etc.  Strangely enough, no matter what the focus of the project may be, the challenge of meeting room scheduling always makes its way into the discussion.

After many years of battling this same beast, we’ve determined that there are five steps needed to tame even the most challenging meeting room scheduling issues.

Take Your Time … Do It Right
In our experience, the above can take several months to implement.  Remember – it takes time to change people’s habits and expectations.  But don’t dismay – follow these steps and things will get better.