Verizon Business to Acquire BlueJeans – Pros, Cons & Gotchas

A new beginning or the end of an era?

On April 16, 2020, the news broke – Verizon Business (VB) entered into a definitive agreement to acquire California-based BlueJeans Network (BJN).  As we’ve said before, there’s rarely a dull moment in the collaboration world.

First some background details.  

About BlueJeans

BlueJeans was founded in November 2009 by Krish Ramakrishnan (current Executive Chairman & Chief Innovator / Strategist) and Alagu Periyann (current CTO).  In 2017, the company hired industry veteran Quentin Gallivan to take over the role of CEO previously held by co-founder Ramakrishnan.

Early on, BlueJeans’ primary focus was interoperability, at that time between standards-based video systems and Skype (not Skype for Business or Teams, but consumer Skype) video callers.  Over time, the BlueJeans Meetings offering has evolved into a reliable, feature-rich, and well performing cloud-based video conferencing platform.

Overall, we give this deal a thumbs-up.  And we offer our congratulations to Krish, Alegu, Quentin, and the rest of the BJN team for a battle well fought.