Video Conferencing Cameras

Past, Present, and Future


Collaboration applications and video conferencing in particular have benefitted from over thirty years of continuous improvements in the three P’s:  price, performance, and plumbing.

More recently, numerous other changes have taken place in the technology behind collaboration cameras.  Audio processing can be used to optimize the video image; panoramic lens designs combined with image processing algorithms improve the meeting experience for remote participants; and camera interfaces have become standardized, broadening the market for all vendors.

A version of this PowerPoint was delivered at the InfoComm 2018 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The presentation digs into questions like …

  • How has the collaboration camera evolved in the past two decades?
  • What are the fundamental camera types
  • How have configuration changes affected meeting rooms and users?
  • What types of image processing enhance collaboration cameras?
  • What about panoramic cameras for conferencing>?
  • What should users expect in future collaboration cameras for rooms, desktops, and industrial applications?