Video Discussion re: Zoom Video Webinars

Recon Research chats with Andy Howard, the managing partner at Howard & Associates, about Zoom’s Video Webcasting offering.

In recent years, Zoom ( has become a leading player in the cloud video conferencing arena.  The company’s current portfolio now includes:

  • Zoom Meetings – a cloud video calling service
  • Zoom Rooms – a software-based meeting room solution
  • Zoom Phone – a cloud-based telephony / UCaaS offering

The company also offers Zoom Video Webinars, an extension of Zoom Meetings that supports live virtual events and broadcasting to large audiences.

During this ~ 8 minute video chat (available FREE to registered users), RR’s Ira Weinstein discusses the pros and cons of the Zoom Video Webinars offering with Andy Howard, the managing partner at Howard & Associates.  The conversation also covers the networking-challenges associated with Zoom’s use of web-socket technology for its webcasting service.

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