On-Demand Webcast – Video Interop for 2022 and Beyond (Video)

Understanding Your Video Interop Options for Today and Tomorrow

Video interop matters.  For example, leading video platforms Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings support HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of users, but do not directly interoperate.  The same goes for their meeting room solutions (Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms).  But don’t worry – these companies are working together to make things happen.

This hard-hitting webcast includes industry heavyweights Ilya Bukshteyn (VP of Microsoft Teams Calling and Devices), Jeff Smith (Head of Zoom Rooms), and Recon Research analyst Ira Weinstein.

During this session, Ira gets Ilya and Jeff “on the record” with answers to the video interop questions everyone’s asking, including:

  • What is Direct Guest Join?
  • Given that BYOD lets people use any collaboration app, why do we need Direct Guest Join?
  • How easy is it to enable and use Direct Guest Join?
  • Are users sacrificing video or audio quality during interop calls?
  • Does interop support vary by video device and vendor?
  • What’s not quite there yet with Direct Guest Join?
  • Why can’t users simply switch apps on the fly in meeting rooms?  Isn’t that the easiest approach?
  • What about interop with other platforms like Cisco Webex and Google Meet?

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