Video Interview with Amy Barzdukas (CMO of Poly)

Recon Research spends a few minutes chatting with the CMO of Poly about the company’s products, services, and future direction.

Founded in 2019, Poly is a global communications company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California that offers a portfolio of audio and video communication products and associated services for small, medium, and large organizations.  Poly is the result of a rebranding of Plantronics (founded in 1961) following its acquisition of Polycom (founded in 1991) in 2018.

In this 15-minute video, Recon Research’s Ira Weinstein and Poly’s Amy Barzdukas discuss a handful of topics including:

  • Innovation and enhancements in the headset world
  • What does Poly’s channel partner network look like today?
  • How is Poly re-engaging with customers who may have shifted away in recent years?
  • How can Poly stay top-of-mind when so many UC decisions are made on a platform – not device level?
  • What will we see from Poly in the next few quarters?

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