“Whatever as a Service”

XaaS is all the rage in the technology world, but what does it really mean and is it happening in the VC and AV world today?


For understandable and obvious reasons, vendors and providers today are seeking new ways to differentiate themselves and overcome customer objections.  The “As a Service” model has allowed providers to change many of the cost and implementation rules, but is “as a service” really a solution?

This PPT, which was first delivered at the InfoComm 2018 event in Las Vegas, Nevada, digs into questions like …

  • Can or should everything be offered as a service?
  • Is every cloud service or hosted service a true “XaaS” ?
  • What’s the real definition of XaaS?
  • What does a proper XaaS offering bring?
  • What’s happening today in our world?
  • Real world example – a service vs. a service vs. a service
  • Glimmers of hope in the AV / VC / collaboration world