Business Headsets – Comparison Matrix (Features and Functionality)

This engine provides detailed information (features, pricing, etc.) about wired and wireless business headsets from leading vendors, including Bose, Cisco, Conduction Labs, EPOS, Jabra, Logitech, Poly, Shokz, and Yealink.

Topics covered within this research include pricing, headset type and versions, form-factor, wearing style, weight, connectivity, battery information, microphones, earpieces, audio features, device controls and indicators, certifications, device management, warranty and support, and more.

Important Notes

  • This matrix includes information provided by the participating vendors and information gathered by Recon Research.
  • While the information within this matrix is believed to be correct, readers should verify this information and perform additional due diligence before making purchasing decisions.
  • For vendors – if you believe your offering should be included in this comparison matrix, please contact