Visual Collaboration in a Hybrid World (Video)

How Visual Collaboration Helps Foster Creativity in the Modern Work Environment

Video conferencing is amazing.  It’s quick, easy, and cost-effective.  It enables face-to-face meetings with colleagues, partners, and customers around the world.  It lets people share a presentation, and sometimes even use a virtual whiteboard.

Yes – we are big fans of video conferencing.  But even video conferencing isn’t perfect.  During the pandemic, many people were on video all day long.  But time and time again, we’ve heard the same complaint.  Video helped people work, but along the way, creativity was lost.

This educational video (sponsored by Bluescape) explains some of the reasons behind the loss of creativity when the world went all virtual, and highlights how visual collaboration solutions can help users overcome the difficulties of remote ideation and bring back that innovative spark.

Topics covered include:

  • Video conferencing vs. visual collaboration (what’s the difference)
  • The limits of single-stream content sharing
  • How single-person content sharing stifles contribution
  • The presentation periscope effect
  • The PowerPoint tax many pay every day
  • Stage blindness in a virtual world
  • How lack of persistence impacts creativity and problem-solving

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