JIBB – Video Review

Real-World Hands-On Testing of JIBB

The world has gone virtual, and many in-person meetings have been replaced (or augmented) by virtual meetings.  But not everything is 100% electronic.  People still write things down.  They draw on dry-erase boards.  They sketch on paper.

In a meeting room, “analog” content sources can be digitized using document cameras and whiteboard cameras.  But these devices cost money, take up space, and may even need to be installed.  That’s not ideal for home-based workers.  And then there’s JIBB.

JIBB is a low-cost ($12 / month for Pro) cloud service that transforms a standard webcam or mobile phone camera into a doc camera or whiteboard camera.  In other words, JIBB lets users add paper and dry-erase board content to video meetings.  But how well does JIBB work?

In this brief video, Recon Research takes JIBB for a spin in a real-world environment (a home office).