Quick Take – LinkedIn Video Conferencing

First, let me say that I’m an avid LinkedIn user and have been for more than 16 years.  While not perfect, LinkedIn lets me connect with colleagues, clients, and prospects quickly and easily.  Even today, ~ 20,000 connections later, I depend on LinkedIn every single day.

Until recently, my only real gripe was the never-ending stream of free trial offers for LinkedIn Premium.  You’d think after a decade of “No Thank You” responses, they’d get the message.

[ In full disclosure, given the $26 billion Microsoft paid for LinkedIn, I was hoping (expecting) to see some kind of 1+1 = 3 effect from the merger.  For the most part, that never happened.  Oh well – I can’t have everything. ]

But then I tried LinkedIn’s newly released native video conferencing experience.  Frankly, I should have left well-enough alone.