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Video interoperability … what a concept!  Didn’t we already solve video interop?  Unfortunately, no.  Video conferencing providers wanted (needed) to take things to the next level in usability, scalability, and feature-set.  These vendors wanted to innovate, but the need to adhere to the old-school video conferencing standards slowed things down.  So many of the providers drifted away from SIP and H.323 along the way.

Today, businesses and individuals are using video conferencing daily. It’s a part of life and business now.  Hybrid work. Work from home. Return to Office. These trends add pressure to the need for interoperability.  When you add in the need to communicate with other businesses and customers from meeting rooms, it gets complicated quickly.

Recon Research continues to cover interoperability by researching, testing and analyzing the various methodologies and solutions that solve this challenge, including:

  • The Corporate Mandate
  • Bring Your Own Device / Bring Your Own Meeting
  • The Meeting Room PC
  • Integrated AV Meeting Rooms
  • Video Conferencing Standards
  • WebRTC / Direct Guest Join
  • SIP Gateway Services
  • Multi-App Devices

This page provides information, Recon Research content, and industry news related to video interoperability.

Solution Spotlight
Pexip SIP / H.323 Gateway
for Google Meet

Study provides insight into interop challenges and information about Pexip’s Google Meet gateway service.

[ See Video Version of Study ]

Educational E-Book
Video Interoperability in the
Hybrid Work Environment

Video Interop in the Hybrid Work Environment

Educational study providing information and pro/cons about eight ways to address today’s most challenging video interop issues.

[ See Video Version of Study ]

On-Demand Webcast
Video Interop for 2022 and Beyond

Hard-hitting webcast with industry heavyweights from Microsoft and Zoom focused on today’s video interop challenges and tomorrow’s solutions.

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